Cloud on Tap Tip Tuesday

It’s Tap Tip Tuesday! If you follow us on Instagram then you probably know about #TapTipTuesday. If you’re not following us there, just go ahead and do it now!  And if you don’t know what Tap Tips are then you’re in luck because you’re about to learn! We don’t want your experience with Cloud on Tap […]

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Gamification 101: How Hands-On Learning Promotes Deeper Understanding

Now that you know what gamification is, let’s talk about the ways in which it promotes deeper understanding in learning. We’re already jumping on board — if you are interested in learning Pardot, check out our new, gamified Pardot e-learning offering, Ascent! Anyways, back to gamification. Motivation Making work or learning more like a game […]

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Using Your Pardot Recycle Bin in Unexpected Ways

Pardot Recycle Bin

Pardot’s Recycle Bin is unique – almost everything you delete will stay in the bin forever, just in case you need to restore items in the future. The content in your Pardot Recycle Bin doesn’t count toward your usage limit, either! With these facts in mind, we thought of three reasons the Pardot Recycle Bin […]

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How Marketing Automation Makes Your Company 24/7

Wouldn’t it be great to have an employee that works well after their regular hours in a day and even on holidays? It seems impossible, but with marketing automation we can make it a reality. Marketing automation allows your company to be 24/7. When a potential customer completes a Pardot form, located on your website, landing […]

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Difference Between a Pardot Campaign and a Pardot List

Pardot Campaign Pardot List

The difference between a Pardot Campaign and a Pardot List is a common confusion new clients ask about when first setting up their Pardot account. “We want to build a campaign…” “What are lists?” “How do I put my prospects in a campaign?” “How can I segment my recipients?” Most people familiar with the business world are […]

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Is this a Pardot Campaign or Program?

Pardot Campaign Program Header

You may not be aware of this but Pardot is a house divided. There are 2 separate camps – Camp 1 feels their heart ache every time someone erroneously calls a Pardot Program a Pardot Campaign and Camp 2 has no idea what Camp 1 is talking about or that a separation ever occurred. We’re […]

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