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About the product 

Cloud on Tap can help you leverage data from Salesforce or third-party systems allowing you to collaborate with your community on sales, service, and marketing operations. Our Experience Cloud Consultants can assist in creating a self-service portal by utilizing the built-in branding tools to deliver an experience that aligns with your goals.


client success

  • Our client was a current user of Salesforce who struggled with user adoption on a lower Salesforce edition. Cloud on Tap revamped their Salesforce org by addressing misconfigurations, optimizing data structures, and providing training, which resulted in increased user adoption and satisfaction. 

  • After optimizing Salesforce and unlocking Customer 360's potential, they pursued an Experience Cloud project with Cloud on Tap to help solve issues that hinder them from being able to have a centralized portal for borrowers, lenders, and builders. This simple implementation resulted in substantial reduction in loan closure time and project delivery.

  • With a positive relationship built on trust and results, this client reserves ample hours with Cloud on Tap to continually add value to their Salesforce instance.

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