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Health Cloud

About the product 

Cloud on Tap can support you in having a comprehensive view of your patients in a single location. This functionality allows you to collaborate with providers and care coordinators alike on customized care plans for each patient while delivering a personalized experience for each patient to promote wellness and reduce readmission risk.


client success

  • Our client was using several systems to manage data and their sales process, making it difficult to track progress and have visibility over the business. Implementing Health Cloud allowed them to have a 360 view over their clients and track interactions easily. 

  • Timelines are important and Cloud on Tap always works to leverage these to help the client succeed. They needed to ensure that their Salesforce org would be up and running, in order to migrate from their old platforms before expiration. Cloud on Tap met the timeline with a smooth transition, allowing the client to continue their business without any interruptions. 

  • Lastly, the client desired to implement a program that would grow with the company, and that could be easily built upon. By building their solution with Salesforce, we were able to meet this need and more.

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