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Field Service Lighting

About the product 

Our team can help you build a customized sales application for your mobile team. This application gives them the power to stay connected, review orders, access materials, manage assignments, and empowers them to be strategic both on or offline. Field Service Lighting also gives you the power to monitor real time activities to ensure top productivity in the field.


client success

  • North Georgia Replacement Windows, transitioning from an outdated system with years of data, needed to track their sales cycle from front to back. Cloud on Tap established trust with the client, and instilled confidence in Salesforce's ability to meet their needs and ingest all the historical data.

  • Not only did North Georgia need to track sales appointment requests, but they needed to dispatch and track their sales reps in the field. Cloud on Tap resolved these issues with the implementation of Sales Cloud, using it to track initial outreach and the sales cycle, as well as Service Cloud to manage incoming service requests from multiple channels.

  • The final piece to solve was having a system that would dispatch the appropriate field technician based upon their availability. Cloud on Tap configured Field Service Lightning to meet this need.

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