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account engagement 

About the product 

Focused on B2B and Account Based Marketing (ABM), our team can support your customized Salesforce tool to meet your business goals. By utilizing Account Engagement, your sales and marketing teams can nurture leads to close more deals, send personalized messages created with dynamic content, and deliver that message at the right moment with real-time alerts.


client success

  • Avior was constrained by challenges with their existing CRM, which lacked the flexibility needed for their evolving requirements. Cloud on Tap was able to solve this issue with a clean and efficient Financial Service Cloud, utilizing the “out of the box” functionality. 

  • Post-implementation, the client expanded their marketing team's capabilities with Account Engagement implemented by Cloud on Taps team of experts. Utilizing rich data, they reached both prospects and long-term clients, boosting touchpoints and wallet share. 

  • From a flawless implementation of Financial Service Cloud to improving marketing endeavors with Account Engagement, Avior continues to reserve hours with Cloud on Tap, ensuring ongoing enhancements to their instance. Through iterative improvements, they consistently derive increased value from the Salesforce platform.

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