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About the product 

Allow for our team to help elevate your sales teams by enabling the configure, price, quote (CPQ) tools available through Salesforce. We can train your teams on developing quotes quickly and accurately to expedite the sales process and meet the needs of new potential customers. 


client success

  • When working with Watershed, Cloud on Tap introduced Salesforce CPQ to automate intelligent quoting, enabling their team to utilize internal formulas, logic for precise and tailored quotes. The automation created consistency throughout the sales organization and incorporates a growing and diverse product line.  

  • After improving their quoting process, Watershed encountered challenges with their accounting procedures. They aimed to track shipments, expenses, and receivables more efficiently. We addressed this by integrating Accounting Seed into their Salesforce account.

  • Cloud on Tap turned Watershed's Salesforce into an efficient, streamlined process that improved productivity. Watershed saw the value and is continuously utilizing Cloud on Tap experts to further improve their system

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