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About the product 

Our team of experts can help you uplevel your sales team with a seamless Salesforce implementation of Slack. This tool allows you to bring your sales team together in a single location, keep deals moving forward on the go with mobile accessibility, and increase transparency through platform. You will be able to advance your productivity by leveraging AI, your data, and CRM.


client success

  • At Cloud on Tap, we needed a way for management to get more involved with the Sales Process without adding an extra step. Leveraging Slack Elevate provided immediate updates to our management team relating to Deal Cycle and other pertinent information, making the process that much easier. 

  • Slack Elevate provided us with a system of record for communication on Opportunities, creating an easy-to-use single source of truth for our team. 

  • Cloud on Tap’s project handoff process was inconsistent and slow, something that we desired to change and without adding another tool. Leveraging automation in Slack Elevate allowed us to decrease the time to Project Kickoff, a win for both us and our customers.

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