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10 Years of Cloud on Tap

It’s crazy how fast time flies. It’s a cliche but it’s true and most apparent when it’s time to celebrate 10 years. 10 years when you’re having fun just doesn’t seem real. We love our customers, from big corporations to small businesses alike! We love all the Salesforce reps we get to team up with to create exciting solutions for our mutual clients. And we love our ever-growing team. We are a multi-talented family that is truly passionate about what we do. Clearly, we love the word love but there is little else that describes how we feel moving into Cloud on Tap’s second decade. 

Most people have had the pleasure of hearing the origin story of Cloud on Tap from our own Sikes Dorsey but in case you haven't… As the story goes, Cloud on Tap was founded in 2012 and started out as two guys in a garage knocking out quickstarts. In the ten years since we’ve moved into new offices to accommodate growth more times than we can count. We’ve built out a whole lot more than a quick start. Our comprehensive approach to implementation has resulted in over 1,000 successfully completed projects and just as many satisfied customers. As a local shop based out of Charleston, South Carolina, we’re proud to be a lean and mean team, ready to tackle all of the challenges customers need us to face.

We’ve been exclusively on the Salesforce train from the start and have been a leader in the ecosystem adopting and implementing new technologies. Our passion is providing unique solutions to all kinds of businesses. It certainly hasn’t been without challenges. With the help of our evolving team, always willing to go above and beyond for our customers, we’ve buckled down and found a way to get to our next sunny day in the big blue cloud. 

So what’s next for Cloud on Tap? With customer success always at the forefront, our team of certified experts has always and will continue to guide customers through their Salesforce journey. We’ll continue to grow certifications and knowledge as well as expand our reach in the Salesforce ecosystem. All of our industry-specific experience paired with time on the platform and steady growth has made us a trusted partner for the last decade and will continue to for the next.

While the change and growth is always exciting, we continue to adhere to our same core methodologies and values. Salesforce was designed not only with corporate enterprises in mind but also for small and growing businesses. Cloud on Tap has always believed that there is a path to customizing Salesforce for those customers in a way that is economical, practical, and scalable. 

We appreciate more than words can express the opportunities provided to us by our trusted partners, the Salesforce team, and most importantly, our customers. Without all of you and your support, none of this last decade would have been possible. Thank you, from our family to yours and we can’t wait to continue seeing you in the cloud!


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