The New Normal: Working From Home with Salesforce

During these times of dogs barking on conference calls and kitchen table desks, we are all looking for a way to keep connected and focused while we work from home. After a couple of weeks, we’ve realized the way we’re working is shifting. We can no longer pop into a co-worker’s offices and run through ideas or have the whiteboard space necessary to draw out our processes. Instead, we’re pivoting to be increasingly digital and finding it to be exponentially more productive. The key is not only to find a stopgap for the next 30 days but something that we can continue to use once we are back in the office. Here are the three tools Cloud on Tap is using right now that are keeping things from falling through the cracks:


Native to Salesforce, Quip allows our team to collaborate on opportunities in real-time. We have the ability to drop list views and do in-line editing as well as put together presentations for our customers. The tagging feature allows us to bring in the necessary people and get them up to speed without ever booking a meeting or sending an email. We can also attach whatever we work on directly to the correlating record in Salesforce. The last key feature we are utilizing here is the ability to tag people outside of our org. We tag the doc “external” and then share it with whoever needs access and they can work right alongside us. Quip is going to continue to drive long-term value for us even when we get back into the office.


Chatter is one that has been underutilized in our office for a long time. It was always so much easier to send a g-chat or send out a mass email. But what we found when we shifted to work from home is that the sharing of that communication is seriously lacking. Not to mention with the isolation everyone is facing with work from home, the culture we had strived to create for so long is no longer a factor benefitting us. With chatter, we are able to communicate directly on the record, cutting down on our time to communicate updates. Also, we are able to create groups/teams to regain some of that office banter that we had grown so accustomed too. We tag each other, assign tasks, review communication, and do it all without sending an email or having a phone call. We are also able to report on it and keep the paper trail for when and where things are going on.

Salesforce Inbox

Inbox has been something we have used for a long time and this experience has made it that much more beneficial. We’re able to schedule all of our meetings, log important emails to Salesforce, and keep ourselves on track for the day all from a single screen.  Again, with this tool, leadership is able to see what we’re working on and what tasks we’re completing throughout the day. If they are wondering about any of our communication with customers, they can go to that record and read it directly!

These are some of the tools we are using as a part of our suite of solutions like Sales Cloud and our other Salesforce tools.  Like we said when we started, we’re learning a lot during this time of isolation and hope to continue utilizing these tools even when we’re all back in the office together! If you’d like to talk more in-depth about how we are using these tools or anything else, let us know! We are happy to help you figure it out.