3 Reasons We LOVE Pardot Variable Tags

3 Reasons We LOVE Pardot Variable Tags Using Pardot’s marketing automation can make your job so much easier. And it’s not just the obvious tools – there are other features right under your nose that can help make your content stronger and more personal, with hardly any effort on your […]

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5 Pardot Custom Redirect Use Cases

Pardot Custom Redirect

5 Pardot Custom Redirect Use Cases We tend to nerd-out a little when there’s a case to use a Pardot Custom Redirect. You don’t want to go overboard creating them for every link, but occasionally creating a Pardot Custom Redirect comes in handy: 1. Banner Ads Use a Pardot Custom Redirect to track […]

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4 Pardot Integrated Apps We Love

Pardot Integrated Apps

There are many Pardot Integrated Apps to choose from but these are our favorites. Pardot Integrated Apps are similar to the native Pardot Connectors (i.e., Wistia, Google Analytics, Facebook) you already use, except these connect outside of Pardot. Pardot Integrated Apps complete a thorough review process and must show […]

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Data Cleaning the Salesforce and Pardot Way – FREE Whitepaper

data cleansing

You have Salesforce and you’re getting ready to adopt Pardot. Or, maybe you just need to keep your data organized in Salesforce alone. Either way, data cleansing is crucial to your sales success. After all, Salesforce associates data cleaning with a 29% increase in sales opportunities! What does bad/messy data look like? You […]

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Social Posting — How to Use Pardot’s New Social Media Tools

social posting

Pardot has made some exciting updates to its social posting functionality! Read on to check out the new updates and make sure you know how to use them. Before we get into the details of how to use Pardot’s social posting functionality, make sure you have added the corresponding social media […]

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Cloud on Tap Tip Tuesday

It’s Tap Tip Tuesday! If you follow us on Instagram then you probably know about #TapTipTuesday. If you’re not following us there, just go ahead and do it now!  And if you don’t know what Tap Tips are then you’re in luck because you’re about to learn! We don’t want your […]

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