Data Cleaning the Salesforce and Pardot Way – FREE Whitepaper

data cleansing

Data Cleaning the Salesforce and Pardot Way! You have Salesforce and you’re getting ready to adopt Pardot. Or, maybe you just need to keep your data organized in Salesforce alone. Either way, data cleansing is crucial to your sales success. After all, Salesforce associates data cleaning with a 29% increase in sales opportunities! […]

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How I passed the Pardot certification exam the first time — and how you can, too

In September of 2015, I was tasked with earning a Pardot certification. I had been working in Pardot for a few months, but still felt anxious about the Pardot certification exam itself — after all, I had heard that the exam is very challenging.¬†With a $200 price tag for the […]

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