April 23, 2020

How to Optimize your Tech Stack

Optimize your Tech Stack

When you think about COVID-19 and what it has meant for your business, I’m sure it conjures up a wide range of emotions. From possibly enjoying some additional time with family and avoiding rush hour traffic to the frustration of having a hard time getting ahold of co-workers and an uncertainty of how to continue to be productive from home.  At Cloud on Tap, we are thinking about what things are going to be like when we get back into the office and we want to encourage you to re-evaluate your tech stack (especially Salesforce) for optimization and growth. Here are the reasons why we think now is the right time to do so.

  1. Things are going to be hectic once we get back in the office!
  • There are going to be a lot of tasks that need to be completed, customers to reach out to, and issues to resolve. By taking the time now to redefine your processes and make sure you have systems in place to handle all of this communication, you will be one step ahead of your competition.  Whether you decide on increasing process automation, outlining your standard operating procedures related to your technology, or simply cleaning up your data, now is that time to do it.
  1. Your tech deficiencies are top of mind 
  • Over the course of the last month, you have undoubtedly been exposed to new challenges caused by working remotely.  While those challenges are fresh on your mind it’s the ideal time to have them resolved.  Think about the lag time for approvals or the miscellaneous tasks and touchpoints that fell through the cracks while you were out of the office. If that sounds like your experience, there is a more efficient way to conduct business and there is no time like the present to handle it.
  1. Make the most of the current downtime (if you have it).
  • During this time, a lot of companies have put off making major changes or purchases for their organizations.  If you have some down-time on the sales, service, or marketing side of your business, now is a great time to be overly thorough about your processes and what you can do to improve them. Undoubtedly you’ve thought, “I wish we had a way to…” and now is the perfect opportunity to make those wishes a reality.