December 11, 2015

How to Maximize ROI with Pardot Dynamic Content

Pardot Dynamic Content

You open a new email from a website you visit frequently. At the top, you notice your own name, followed by suggestions based on previous shopping habits. How does that make you feel? Many customers are swooned by convenient, customized content. A recent study by Aberdeen Group showed that personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%.

Pardot Dynamic Content Aberdeen Group

After all, many think, “Why do hard work when the website can do it for you?” These days, when people submit their information online, they expect to get something in return. In fact, a study by Janrain showed 74% of people get frustrated when content appears that doesn’t match their interests. Not only that, but competitors are only a click away – so personalizing landing pages and emails is not only helpful for prospects, but makes sense from a business standpoint. Optimize their time on your site and get closer to closing. The future of the Internet is clear: it’s all about dynamic content.

Using information you’ve gathered through your Pardot forms, you can create a tailored website and email experience that varies based on their location, score, industry, and more. These are just a few ideas!

Pardot Dynamic Content Example

To begin, consider ways that will most help your clients. Maybe you’re a bank and you’ve learned you have a pool of clients who are paying off student loans. Consider dynamic content that appears specifically for this group that can offer a consolidation loan with lower interest. According to Hubspot, a call-to-action that targets users has a “42% higher viewed to submission rate” than a call-to-action with no customization.

Now, not only are you providing a service that prospects appreciate, you’re also helping improve ROI by creating individualized opportunities for customers to seize. Overall, few companies are taking advantage of dynamic content – so hop in early and reap the benefits!

Dynamic Content can be found under Marketing> Content in Pro and Ultimate Pardot accounts.

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