Cloud on Tap Highlights: Summer 2020 Salesforce Release

Split List View


What’s the change?


In the past, users outside of console view would have to open the record in a new tab or do a lot of back clicking to continue accessing the list view. That is no more! Now users will have the ability to split the screen with the record that has been accessed from the list view. This will streamline the user experience and allow them to move through tasks significantly quicker.

Dynamic Forms


What’s the change?


Now administrators will have the ability to set up page layouts using sections in the lightning builder that have visibility rules based off dependencies. These dependencies could be as simple as a specific field meeting a certain criteria. This will allow for a cleaner look and feel on forms and, consequently, better data.

**This feature is Non-GA Preview, which means you must request it from Salesforce, and is not supported the same way as your other products.

In-App Guidance Builder


What’s the change?


This has been on the Salesforce radar for long time and is something they continue to make improvements to with every release. Administrators now have a much cleaner way to configure sequences to help end-users navigate the org. This will benefit end users as it relates to finding specific components on page layouts, data entry, and other potential interface hurdles.

Update to Flows


What’s the change?


This update will allow for the time it takes to create a new flow to be significantly cut down. Salesforce has added additional triggers that allow for easier start points and significantly less cross over from workflow rules and process automations.

Einstein Search


What’s the change?


As more data continues to be stored on the Salesforce platform, the stronger the capabilities of Einstein search become. As for this update specifically, Einstein Search will now show more context in search results and has natural language processing that is specific to the end user.

Optimizer App


What’s the change?


If you haven’t already had a chance, we encourage you to run the Optimizer on an annual basis to ensure you are getting the most out of your Salesforce org (see our blog on that). If you have used the Optimizer in the past, now you will notice it no longer displays the results in a PDF but rather in an app on the platform! This will enable admins to keep better tabs on the functionality of the org on a more regular basis.

Critical App Update


What’s the change?


What we see related to this update is more of a push to get away from the old Classic version layouts. Previously known as “Critical Updates”, this will now be on a Lightning app page and under the category “Release Updates.” Nothing major for admins or end users, but a new place to find old information.

Full View Layout


What’s the change?


While some things continue to move away from Classic, others try to mesh. Salesforce heard your feedback on the old full view layouts and have now brought that over to Lightning to help drive user adoption as you transition. Admins can make this view the org-wide default or select individual page layouts that will have this look and feel.