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We hired Cloud on Tap to implement Pardot, Social Studio and SalesForce Communities to integrate with our SalesForce system. All were successful projects! The reason Cloud on Tap is our partner of choice is that Sean and Pierce took the time to get to know our business and instead of asking us for a list of functional requirements, they asked us about our business goals and objectives, what outcomes and results we were looking for, what challenges we had, what problems we wanted to fix, etc. They offered solutions we never would have thought of on our own and they delivered them in the time frame they gave us and for the cost they quoted us. It was a great value! We had some very unique and challenging needs and they figured out clever and effective solutions. They genuinely care that the system we have gives us the tools we need to run and grow our business. The bottom line is that Cloud on Tap is truly a PARTNER in every sense of the word and they will make sure you get the right solutions for your business. They know the capabilities of the applications, they are responsive, supportive and great to work with. A+++++
The people at Cloud on Tap are consummate professionals. As Salesforce implementation partners, they really drill down to make sure they’re designing a system that works best for you—a system that makes the user’s life more efficient. The one-on-one, lesson-based webinars help users not only get a feel for Salesforce, but also provides an opportunity to get immediate feedback and help. Cloud on Tap provides great service continue to be great partners!
I have worked with Cloud on Tap over the last few years and have valued their knowledge and commitment to our needs. There has never been an issue they couldn’t fix or a problem they couldn’t solve. They have even helped us in training, best practices to follow, and proper set up needs. Only a phone call or email away and I know I’m in good hands.
Cloud on Tap was great to work with - responsive in answering questions and able to pivot when needed and cover different topics. Additionally, our project manager was always ready with great suggestions and best practices! I would recommend Cloud on Tap to anyone who is considering a Pardot implementation partner.
Working with Cloud on Tap has been wonderful. They were very responsive and thorough with the on-boarding process and continue to support us as needed...almost as an extension of our staff.
Andrea Keating
Cloud on Tap was very knowledgeable about Pardot and very helpful in onboarding me to the platform. It can be a challenging process and they were there to help every step of the way. I would recommend Cloud on Tap to anyone who is going through the onboarding process.
I have to say my time with Cloud of Tap was the best experience I've ever had. From the very start, they made sure to tell us they were there for all of our questions, comments, and concerns and they truly held up to that promise. Whenever I had a question, even during Hurricane Matthew, our project manager answered. But it wasn't just a one-off answer, it was a professional, complete answer with follow-up (articles, posts, content, input from other individuals) to make sure I understood what the issue was and what it would take to fix it on my own.
The process was collaborative and began by them first listening to what we wanted and understanding our business. Cloud on Tap then customized our Salesforce platform, provided extensive training for our team, and continued to support and tweak the platform as our users got more familiar with the system. We really enjoyed working with the Cloud on Tap team. Overall we had a great experience with Cloud on Tap and would highly recommend them.
Chris Jordan
Vice President of Sales
Cloud on Tap came highly recommended by the folks at Salesforce and we were extremely pleased with the caliber of assistance that they provided. They were able to set up the system for use as we wanted and they were always quick to respond to any issues that we were having with our new tool. We have been very pleased with the work done by Cloud on Tap and would gladly recommend them to anyone starting or upgrading their Salesforce environment.
As soon as Salesforce put us in touch with Cloud on Tap for implementation, I knew we were in good hands. Cloud on Tap actively listened to all of our needs to get our organization up and running with Salesforce. If I had to implement Salesforce into another organization, I would choose Cloud on Tap because of their exemplary customer service and technical ability!
The Cloud on Tap folks were great. My project manager really helped me to understand how the product works and how to get the right information to our database of prospects and how to recognize when they're ready to buy.

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