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Managed Services

our process

At Cloud on Tap, we excel in managing your Salesforce needs with a comprehensive and structured approach. Here's how our process ensures seamless support and continuous improvement:

Onboarding and Assessment:

We start by understanding your unique Salesforce requirements and business objectives through thorough onboarding and assessment processes.


Customized Service Plan:

Based on our assessment, we craft a tailored service plan outlining the scope, SLAs, and communication protocols, ensuring our services align perfectly with your needs.


Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance:

Our team proactively monitors your Salesforce environment, addressing potential issues before they impact operations, and performing regular maintenance tasks to ensure system reliability and security.


Continuous Support:

We provide ongoing support, promptly addressing any Salesforce-related issues or inquiries through various accessible channels to ensure your operations remain smooth.


Reporting and Communication:

Transparent communication with regular reporting keeps you informed about system performance, support activities, and recommendations for improvement, ensuring full visibility into the value of our managed services.


Client Collaboration and Feedback:

We actively seek your collaboration and feedback, fostering regular meetings to discuss challenges, strategize enhancements, and ensure alignment with your business goals.


Experience excellence in ongoing support with Cloud on Tap. Let us optimize your Salesforce investment and propel your business forward.



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