Welcome To #CampCloud

Welcome to Camp Cloud

#CampCloud! It’s summertime and we’re feeling nostalgic. Summer camp, lake swimming, hiking, campfires… all fun things you can’t really do in Charleston, SC in the summer. It’s hot here! So we’re spending our time in the great indoors building amazing content for our readers instead. For the rest of this […]

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Announcing Ascent: Pardot Gamified E-Learning

Ascent Pardot Gamified ELearning

Ascent: Pardot Gamified E-Learning is LIVE and available to all new and existing Cloud on Tap clients. Learning marketing automation can be like climbing a mountain: overwhelming, discouraging and exhausting. Sometimes new users feel like they’ll never reach the summit. That’s why we created Ascent. It is a self-paced, E-Learning […]

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5 Exciting Tools in Pardot’s New Engagement Studio That You Don’t Want To Miss

It’s finally here! Pardot has officially released the highly anticipated Engagement Studio. They should have named it “B2B Marketer’s Dream Studio” … Engagement Studio is a sleek and all-encompassing way to build, visualize, test, and measure 1-to-1 buyer journeys. Packed with new tools and features, it can be a lot to take in — […]

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9 Reasons Why You Should Choose Cloud on Tap for your Pardot Onboarding/Support

As a Pardot user, you have an array of options when it comes to your Pardot onboarding and ongoing support/content packages. There are different tiers of Pardot partnership and different offerings. So, why choose Cloud on Tap for your Pardot onboarding or support? Here are 9 reasons: 1. At Cloud on Tap, […]

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Digital Marketing Favs of the Week- 6/3-6/9

This week, we remember Muhammad Ali, take a look at the benefits of personalization, and delve into behavioral marketing. Muhammad Ali Was a Marketing Genius Who Also Happened to Be a Boxer 4 Facts for Marketers About Personalization How to Use Behavioral Marketing for Awesome Email Campaigns Marketing Love for […]

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