5 Exciting Tools in Pardot’s New Engagement Studio That You Don’t Want To Miss

It’s finally here! Pardot has officially released the highly anticipated Engagement Studio.

They should have named it “B2B Marketer’s Dream Studio” … Engagement Studio is a sleek and all-encompassing way to build, visualize, test, and measure 1-to-1 buyer journeys.

Packed with new tools and features, it can be a lot to take in — however, we were a part of both the pilot and beta programs for Engagement Studio and have already helped multiple clients in the pilot stage, so we are ready to go and know our way around! Keep reading for a list of a few of our favorite new tools:

Specific Email Link Click

Pardot’s Drip Program builder allows you to specify whether a prospect clicked on a link in an email, but that’s where the functionality stopped — Engagement Studio is changing the game, allowing you to specify exactly which link the prospect has to have clicked in the email!

Engagement Studio



Pardot has brought together the powers of drip programs and automation rules! You can now set rules within Engagement Studio — the rules available are Assigned Salesforce Queue, Assigned User, Assignment Status, Grade, List, Pardot Campaign, Pardot Custom Field, Prospect Default Field, Prospect Email Status, Prospect Tag, Salesforce Campaign, Salesforce Campaign Status, Salesforce Status, and Score.

Engagement Studio


Email Preview

Ever been setting up a drip program and felt frustrated due to having many emails with similar names? Now you don’t have to remember exactly which email is which — you can simply click the photo icon next to the email template drop-down to get a full-screen preview of the email!

Engagement Studio


Salesforce Status

What if you only want prospects that are a specific type of record in Salesforce to continue through your lead nurturing track? No fear — you can now specify whether you want a prospect to be a lead, contact, or deleted in Salesforce!



Salesforce Campaign Status

Were prospects part of a Salesforce campaign? Did they respond to it? You can now target prospects based on Salesforce campaign activity!

Engagement Studio


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Engagement Studio training will be included in our Lite, Standard, and Ultimate Pardot Onboardings for new users. Current Pardot users can get help via our Pardot Tune-Ups (hourly rate) — sign up below if you want to get up and running with Engagement Studio (and/or Pardot) as soon as possible!

(Trying to figure out which Pardot Partner to go with? Check out: 9 Reasons Why You Should Choose Cloud on Tap for your Pardot Onboarding/Support)


Get more leads with Twitter’s lead cards for Pardot!

Thanks to Twitter’s new lead cards, gathering leads for Pardot from Twitter is easier than ever for both prospects and marketers.

Considering Twitter outperforms LinkedIn and Facebook by creating 82% of social media leads*, this is great news!

Once a prospect clicks to expand your lead card, their email and name are automatically populated by Twitter — then, they just have to click the button, and the prospect is automatically created in your Pardot instance!

pardot, twitter, lead cards

Need help setting up your Twitter lead cards in Pardot? Let us know!


Picture credits: Pardot

New Cloud on Tap Website Design

Did you notice the changes around here? 🙂 We’ve been working hard the last month to build a better site and we’re finally done!  Many thanks to our newest COT-er, Sara, for spearheading this endeavor.

New features:

  • Fully responsive, mobile-friendly
  • Sleeker look and feel that’s more “Cloud on Tap”
  • Our favorite Google Fonts– Open Sans and Raleway
  • Easier points of contact- buttons, links, and forms everywhere (but not annoyingly!)
  • Company and Careers Pages (team pics coming soon)
  • Can’t miss display of our core Pardot and Salesforce certifications

Is your site mobile-friendly? How about your forms? Pardot forms can absolutely be built to respond to any browser and device and we’re excited to show that off to the world.

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Google Mobile Friendly Update

4 Things You Need to Know about Google’s New “Mobile-Friendly Update”

Social media is a buzz with what’s been titled, #Mobilegeddon! We thought it would be good to break it down to the 4 most important things to know about this new Google feature:

1. It only affects search rankings on mobile devices
This means anyone searching in a browser will still see your normal site ranking. If they are searching on mobile though, your rank will differ based on your mobile friendliness.

2. A high quality but not mobile-friendly page can still rank high
If you have high quality pages with great content, you can still get high mobile search rankings, per Google. Keep in mind that others with great content AND mobile-friendly will likely out rank you.

3. The rank applies to your individual pages, not your entire website
If a website re-vamp isn’t in the time and/or money budget right now, consider upping your content game for a couple of your key pages. Each page is judged on its own merits.

4. Google will put you back in its good ranking graces as soon as you update to mobile friendly
Whether you get around to updating tomorrow or a few months from now, Google crawlers are out there and ready to find and re-rank you. You can speed it along by asking nicely too.

Not sure if your site is mobile friendly? Run the Mobile-Friendly Test.
Remember, the update is live today, April 21st!


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