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How to Create Responsive Landing Pages in Pardot – Without Code!

As we enter 2019, customers are more and more likely to view your website from a mobile device than from a computer browser. That’s right: it’s time to start imagining your content in the palm of someone’s hand. This means it’s more important than ever to use responsive design so […]

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Nurture in the New Year with Engagement Studio

Nurturing in the New Year By now, you probably know about Engagement Studio – Pardot’s latest tool to engage clients with your brand. Customers journey down a path customized just for them, with personalized messages along the way. Once the program is created, you don’t need to lift a finger! Your prospects […]

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Don’t Forget: People Buy From People

People Buy from People “People buy from people.” I was first introduced to this concept at this year’s Salesforce Connections conference and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. Of course it seems obvious when you think about it. Every transaction takes place between two people – but it’s common to […]

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Data Cleaning the Salesforce and Pardot Way – FREE Whitepaper

data cleansing

Data Cleaning the Salesforce and Pardot Way! You have Salesforce and you’re getting ready to adopt Pardot. Or, maybe you just need to keep your data organized in Salesforce alone. Either way, data cleansing is crucial to your sales success. After all, Salesforce associates data cleaning with a 29% increase in sales opportunities! […]

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3 Reasons to Attend #CHSTech Happy Hour

Hello #CHSTech community! We are excited to be hosting our first ever Happy Hour for this amazing community and would love for you to join us. #CHSTech Happy Hour: Liberty Tap Room in Mt. Pleasant 5:30 Thursday, May 14th RSVP Here 1. Because sometimes you just need to just order […]

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